Art of having a Sadhya


Art of eating a Sadhya.

How many of us have  enjoyed a traditional Kerala sadhya ,without knowing the science of having the multi-course meal.

You can go about with finesse of an artist be being mindful of these tips when eating a sadhya. There are 25 dishes at least on the traditional pallete  but it varies according to convience and there is a method for eating them . One must always begin with the chips, followed by the tangy sweet and injipuli chutney. That will open up the taste buds and prepare you for the feast, . You should then eat the neiparippu, which has ghee and daal. It helps in speeding up the digestion, he explains. Unlike in other cuisines, the sweet is eaten in the middle of the Sadhya meal and not in the end . “You must end the feast with curd rice and top it off with a plantain. Your stomach will settle down and digestion will be easy.  Earlier, people would indulge in lavish Onam feasts, but of late, the number of dishes on the banana leaf, has come down. “These days, instead of four payasams, there are only two served.

Though the old charm of sadhya has faded a wee bit ,Malayalee still love their sadhya  a complex concoction of tastes ,colors and sound which charm your soul. Now with this knowledge we wish you a great sadhya experience next time.


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